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Rapid Response XT Cabinets - Quick to Ship

The curve may be flattening, but this pandemic is far from over. New projections for peak dates are now extending into May.

Speed and quick access to resources are critical. Are you prepared?

Omnicell has mobilized to fast-track production and shipping of our XT Automated Cabinets:

  • Streamlined ordering
  • DIY Installation
  • Preconfigured for quick impact

These models have ample capacity and flexibility to meet a wide variety of needs, while maintaining the security, safety, and workflow efficiency features your clinicians expect.

Rapid Response XT Cabinets – from our plant to your emergency care site in days.*

*Cabinets ship in 72 hours, with anticipated arrival 5-7 days after that, depending on shipping logistics.

Rapid Response XT Cabinets

Quick to Design

Quick to Deploy

Quick to Care