Central Pharmacy ROI Calculator

Pharmacy plays a critical role in managing medication costs, providing quality care, and supporting patient safety initiatives.  Unlike other hospital departments, the pharmacy spends nearly 80% of their budget on medication expenses and 20% on personnel.  When technology is optimized appropriately, it can help reduce medication costs and allow personnel to be redeployed to more critical tasks. The adoption of central pharmacy automation creates a foundation to track and monitor medication utilization and costs, and streamline daily pharmacy tasks.

Simply fill out the short form on this page, and you will receive a link to download our interactive Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator, which lets you calculate the results of your investment based on your specific requirements. See how a proven central pharmacy automation system can help your healthcare facility‚Äôs bottom line.

You will likely discover that Omnicell has the lowest cost of ownership for the life of the equipment. 

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