Join an Early Team in India That’s Revolutionizing Healthcare

Transforming Pharmacy Through Cloud-Based Automation, Intelligence, and Technology-Enabled Services

DNA of a Startup

It’s how we started in Silicon Valley three decades ago. One person who saw a problem worth solving. As a pioneer in medication management technology, we could have stopped there. But our entrepreneurial spirit keeps us going. Today, we’re a publicly traded, growing company with offices around the world.

Make Your Mark

You’ll be a part of an early team based in India that is revolutionizing healthcare through automation, cloud-based solutions, and technology-enabled services designed to help our customers achieve zero-error medication management.

Join Us on the Journey

Accelerating Pharmacy to Perfection

Thousands of healthcare facilities worldwide trust Omnicell to deliver the innovative solutions to meet the ever-evolving challenges of medication management. Our powerful combination of advanced automation, predictive intelligence, and technology-enabled services, delivered through the cloud, is helping our healthcare partners to increase operational efficiency, reduce medication errors, deliver actionable intelligence, and improve patient safety. Our goal – zero error medication management.

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Advanced Automation

We're delivering innovative automation solutions designed to digitize and streamline workflows through advanced robotics for pharmacy dispensing and IV compouding.

Predictive Intelligence

Our cloud-based, predictive intelligence solutions harness medication management data and analytics to optimize workflows and deliver better patient care.

Technology-enabled Services

Our comprehensive service model provides the technology, tools, and trained experts to help our partners optimize and maximize the benefits of their automation technology.

Backed by Leaders

Ved Singh

Vice President, Software Engineering

The new Omnicell India Engineering Center will be led by Ved Singh, Vice President, Software Engineering. Ved brings more than 24 years of experience in building products across cloud-based artificial intelligence platforms, enterprise software, and mobile applications. Ved will be instrumental in delivering software engineering services that will support the development of the Omnicell Cloud platform, combining his experience in cloud-based product and platform development with scaling up teams from the ground up.

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Listen to What Our Team Has to Say

“There’s a culture of knowledge sharing here. I’ve been fortunate to learn from immensely talented people. I’ve grown from an entry-level engineer to a mentor.”

Ram Manoj Kumar Kovuru, Software Engineer
“When Omnicell decided to move toward the cloud, no one was kidding. We stopped, pivoted, and rolled. This is the part on the roller coaster ride where you throw your hands up and enjoy the ride.”

Dan Segovia, Scrum Master
“During my journey here, I’ve went from coding in C, to writing workflows that solve patient care problems, to leading teams building systems of solutions.”

Dan Cohen, Technical Director, Software Architect
“Pushing healthcare solutions to the cloud is a giant leap toward solving very complex problems for a brighter future. I couldn't be more thrilled to be part of this revolution.”

Raship Shah, Software Staff

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Applications Engineering

Your work is at the core of our innovation. Develop applications designed for onsite acute care as well as build a cloud platform that can scale globally.

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Cloud Operations Engineering

Work at the intersection where development meets production to deploy, run and monitor large-scale systems, reliably and efficiently.

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Engineering Leadership

Bring your experience and perspective to build and scale innovative solutions designed to support the Autonomous Pharmacy and help our healthcare partners achieve zero-error medication management.

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