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Rapid Response XT Cabinets

With healthcare settings under enormous pressure and COVID-19 still a very real threat, the ability to respond quickly and scale up to meet demand is imperative.

Speed is Critical

That’s why we are fast-tracking production and deployment of our XT Automated Dispensing Cabinets to our trusted partners.

We have streamlined our ordering and installing process with preconfigured XT medication and supply cabinets that offer you flexibility and maximum emergency impact.

These models have ample capacity and flexibility to meet a wide variety of needs, while maintaining the security, safety, and workflow efficiency features your clinicians expect. We are committed not only to this condensed delivery timeline, but also to making sure you have the support you need to focus on patients.

Faster Time to Care—Rapid Response XT Cabinets


Quick to Order

Simplified procurement process Special pricing Flexible payment terms


Quick to Ship

Barriers to shipping removed with cabinets delivered to the customer within 14-21 days of placing an order


Quick to Care

Self-installation Remote support Respects infection control, social distancing