Reduce Winter and COVID-19 Pressures in Your A&E Department with Omnicell’s Solutions

A&E departments will be under enormous winter pressures and COVID-19 still a very real threat, the ability to respond quickly and scale up to meet demand is imperative.

We are encouraging all A&E departments who have secured funding to set aside some money to implement Omnicell automated medication dispensing cabinets along with your other A& department upgrades.

We are fast-tracking production and deployment of our Omnicell automated dispensing cabinets to UK hospitals. To make sure you are prepared for the winter pressure period, our most versatile cabinet and drawer option can be delivered in less than 3 weeks.

The same pressures are experienced year on year and now is more important than ever to make the investment to ensure that these pressures are alleviated this year.

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Faster Time to Care - Rapid Response XT Cabinets

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So that your A&E department is prepared for the upcoming winter pressures.