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At Omnicell our range of GS1 compliant solutions have been helping hospitals around the world to implement supplies and medication management plans for more than 25 years.

Omnicell is the only GS1 accredited partner with the full range of scanning, cabinet and RFID systems for both medicines and supplies, coupled with unrivalled NHS experience. Our team of expert consultants will work with you to make sure you have the right blend of systems across every department in your hospital, so you can be sure you are saving money by reducing stock and the amount of time staff spend locating supplies.

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Benefits of Omnicell’s Supply Solutions:

Improve Patient Safety

Reduces staff time spent on requisitioning, authorising, receipting, invoice processing and stock taking. This time can be redirected back into patient care.

Fully Compliant and Integrates Easily

Generate requisitions and receipts and place orders with suppliers via the Trust’s ordering systems and NHS Supply Chain.

State-of-The-Art Functionality

Including: Stock optimization, never event functionality, expiry management, live dashboard and bespoke reports, to name a few.