A better path to improving adherence with SureMed by Omnicell pill packs

Omnicell is here to support our pharmacy customers. We’ve created a downloadable point of sale and digital toolkit that you can use to promote to your patients that your pharmacy offers a weekly pill pack reminder service.

Now more than ever, pharmacies are positioned to play an important role in improving medication adherence. The failure of patients to stick to the right dose of medicine at the right time can have a long-term impact on a patient’s health and add to an already overburdened NHS.  However, with SureMed by Omnicell reminder pill packs, you can support patients with complex medication regimes who struggle to take the right medication, at the right time.

Set your pharmacy apart from your competition with a proven medication adherence solution.

Omnicell’s SureMed by Omnicell pill pack toolkit includes:

•  A5 patient leaflet (available both for digital use and print)

•  A3 patient poster (available both for digital use and print)

•  Content and images to publish on your website

•  Social media posts and images to share across your pharmacy’s channels

•  A5 leaflet to inform your care home customers that you are now offering this service.

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The real impact of patients not taking their medicines as prescribed:

Only half of the patients take their medication as recommended by their prescriber.

Taking medicines as prescribed could help prevent patients from becoming one of the 3-4% of people who end up in the hospital due to avoidable medicine-related illness.

SureMed by Omnicell weekly reminder pill packs can help ensure that patient or someone they care for take the right dose of the right medication, at the right time.