On-Demand Webinar

Patient Safety: Embracing Technology in a Rapidly Evolving Healthcare Environment to Reduce Medication Errors

In England 237 million mistakes occur at some point in the medication process. By embracing technology that already exists, we may actually hold the key to being able to significantly reduce this figure.

Andrea Jenkyns MP, pharmacy and nursing thought leaders and patient safety representatives held an interactive discussion on embracing technology to reduce medication errors as part of our World Patient Safety Day activity. Panelists on the session included:

  • Prof. Liz Kay, Former Director of Pharmacy at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Heather Randle, Lead for Medication Management at Royal College of Nursing
  • Clive Flashman, Chief Digital Officer at Patient Safety Learning
  • Ed Platt, Automation Director, Omnicell

“In supermarkets they know what stock they have and can make sure there is enough food on the shelves to meet demand. We should be able to do exactly the same thing for medication in hospital. We need to use data to predict what is needed and where so we can avoid stock outs and shortages as this is a risk to patient safety.”

  • Heather Randle, Professional Lead for Medication Management at Royal College of Nursing