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Leveraging Analytic Insights to Optimize Inventory Across the Health System

Optimizing medication inventory in dynamic health system environments requires a progressive strategy that starts with visibility of existing inventory. Standardization and consolidation of data allows for the application of newer technologies such as artificial intelligence to gather insights on improvements to make in inventory allocation. Following the insights, and tracking changes through a persona-based workflow allows for easy auditing of change, and optimal utilization of labor resources.

Dima Awad, Administrative Director and Chief of Pharmacy Services at Stormont Vail Regional Health, and Jim Garretson, Vice President of Platform and Omnicell One, share insights and best practices about:

  • advantages of managing inventory through visibility
  • insights and workflow optimization
  • benefits of leveraging a technology enabled service in the medication management process

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"From a pharmacy automation and technology standpoint, to be successful we need all of our key centers tied together on one enterprise database and represented through analytics on a management dashboard."

  • Dima Awad, Stormont Vail Regional Health


Dima Awad

Chief Pharmacy Officer, Stormont Vail Regional Health

Dima Awad is Administrative Director and Chief of Pharmacy Services at Stormont Vail Regional Health, a nonprofit integrated healthcare system been serving northeast Kansas.

Jim Garretson

Vice President, Product Management, Omnicell

Jim Garretson is vice president of Platform and Omnicell One, a pharmacy intelligence solution that combines visibility, insights and workflow, and expert services to accelerate pharmacy performance. Mr. Garretson has extensive experience in product and engineering management including new product development, healthcare and SaaS.