On-Demand Webinar

Why IV Automation is Critical for Sterile Compounding

In this session, Mark Neuenschwander will review the major risks surrounding manual sterile compounding, as well as why he established the THRIV coalition and its IV workflow technology checklist. Mark will be joined by Derek Gillespie, BPharm, MBA, who will discuss a tragic IV error that occurred in Bend, Oregon and the impact of the event. Finally, University of Rochester Medical Center’s Director of Acute Care Pharmacy Operations Dave Webster will join Mark and Derek to talk about URMC's IV automation journey, as well as discuss the major challenges and risks of sterile compounding.


Mark Neuenschwander

Founding Director, THRIV

Mark Neuenschwander is the Founding Director of THRIV. For 25 years, he has been a thought leader in the field of medication-use technology. Mark was a leading voice in persuading the FDA to require bar codes on all immediate drug containers and was a catalyst in moving America’s hospitals to adopt bar-code verification technologies at the point of care. Mark was the tenth recipient of the Institute for Safe Medication Practices’ Lifetime Achievement Award. Today, he extends his influence as founding director of THRIV, a patient-safety coalition advocating for accuracy in IV preparation. His mission centers on promoting universal implementation and consistent utilization of proven IV-workflow, as well as bar code-driven safety technologies in America’s hospital clean rooms and compounding pharmacies. An engaging communicator and insightful consultant, Mark serves clients across the North America, Australia, Europe, and Asia.

Derek Gillespie, BPharm, MBA

Pharmacy Operations Manager

Derek Gillespie, BPharm, MBA, is a pharmacy veteran. He received his pharmacy degree from the Oregon State University College of Pharmacy and completed his residency at the VA Medical Center in Portland, OR. Derek spent 23 years at the St Charles Medical Center, where he served his first 12 years as the Medical/Oncology floor clinical pharmacist. In 2004 he became Operations Manager, and was promoted to Director of Pharmacy for St Charles Health System in 2006. In 2015, Derek was named Pharmacy Operations Manager for Renown Health at the Regional Medical Center, where he served through 2020. Derek is an advocate for patient safety and efficient automated processes for inpatient pharmacy.

David Webster, RPh, MSBA

Director of Operations, University of Rochester Medical Center/Strong Memorial Hospital

David Webster is director of operations at the University of Rochester Medical Center/Strong Memorial Hospital, where his focus isoperations management, strategic planning, and leadership. He also currently serves as an assistant professor of public health sciences at the same medical center. Mr. Webster received a bachelor of science degree in biochemistry from Saint Bonaventure University, a bachelor of science degree in pharmacy from the State University of New Yorkat Buffalo, and an MBAin operations management from University of Rochester Simon School of Business.