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Delivering Better Outcomes by Insourcing Complex Processes in Pharmacy Operations

The healthcare industry often turns to software as a service (SaaS) to increase software versatility and accessibility without having to install and run applications on multiple computers and data systems. Yet, when considering capital purchases, these same healthcare leaders systems are faced with using scarce, untrained labor to operate complex technology, leaving them to wonder if the better outcomes promised are even realistic. The answer, more health systems are finding, is to hire their vendors to operate technology on a fee basis, thus getting an outcome for their investment. 

As first presented at Scottsdale Institute

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“With the Solution as a Service model, Omnicell has skin in the game. We agreed on which medications to run through the robot, monthly production quotas, and overall operating efficiencies. I feel like it’s a partnership, working cooperatively to achieve our aligned vision and aligned goals.”

  • Dennis Killian, VP, Clinical Operations, Tidal Health


Dennis Killian
PharmD, PhD

Vice President, Clinical Operations, Tidal Health

Dr. Killian graduated from the University of Maryland-Baltimore School of Pharmacy and was the first student to complete the PharmD (1999), PhD (2001) dual-degree pathway at this institution. He currently serves as the Vice President of Clinical Operations at Tidal Health which includes oversight of pharmacy, medical imaging and laboratory operations. Key accomplishments include the creation of two ambulatory pharmacies, changing the medication distribution model from centralized to point-of-care and initiating decentralized pharmacy services. Dr. Killian also serves as an associate professor of pharmacy practice and administration at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES) School of Pharmacy since 2010, where he teaches Pharmaceutical Calculations, Pharmacokinetics, Automation and Pharmacy Administration.

Dennis Wright

Sr. Director, Central Pharmacy Product Marketing, Omnicell

Dennis Wright is Senior Director, Central Pharmacy Product Marketing at Omnicell, where he is responsible for leading product marketing efforts for the Central Pharmacy portfolio, as well as delivering on the vision of the Autonomous Pharmacy. Mr. Wright holds a bachelor’s degree from Thiel College and an MBA focused on marketing from The University of Pittsburgh, Katz School of Business.